Mission & Core Values

We focus on building relationships…not just projects. Integrity, commitment to quality, and dedication to our clients defines our work and who we are.

As the construction climate changes, the mission and values on which United was founded still serves us today. With these principles guiding our culture we impact for our team, clients and partners on every project in a positive way. We’re building a better future and you can see it on the jobsite every day.

We are committed to the success of our clients, vendors, and employees through building and delivering high-quality, on schedule, cost-effective, and reasonably profitable construction projects, while offering performance based employment career growth and financially rewarding opportunities our team members.


  • CUSTOMER OBSESSION: Work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust by understanding their business and solving their problems.
  • HONESTY & INTEGRITY: United fulfills its commitments on time, with the highest standards. No exceptions.
  • SAFETY: A safe workplace remains our first priority.
  • PEOPLE: Hire and develop the best people, then provide them with the training, resources and willingly move them throughout the organization.
  • GROWTH: United is committed to managed and planned growth.
  • GOLDEN RULE: United is committed to being fair and treating others as we would want to be treated.
  • HAVE FUN: Work hard and play hard. Be passionate and positive.
  • A FAIR PROFIT: Accomplish more with less and outperform our competition. Offer unbelievable value.

Get to Know United

An Experienced Builder


We hire and train the best. Our project managers and our field staff are seasoned professionals.


We’re committed to a zero incident work environment which has made us the “go to” contractor for general contractors in all of our locations.


We’re the relationship contractor. Our values, integrity, quality, and passion define us and our work.